What Is a Pacemaker?


A pacemaker is a small unit that is implanted under the skin and uses batteries to help your heart beat more regularly through the use of small electric stimulation that [...]

What Is a Pacemaker?2021-07-28T11:09:28+00:00

Can I have an MRI with my pacemaker or ICD?


When you have a pacemaker implanted, stay away from devices with large magnets or magnetic fields that can be created from motors of cars or boats. An MRI is a [...]

Can I have an MRI with my pacemaker or ICD?2021-07-28T11:12:04+00:00

Can stented arteries reclose?


Yes. Reclosure (restenosis) is also a problem with the stent procedure. In recent years doctors have used new types of stents called drug-eluting stents. These are coated with drugs that [...]

Can stented arteries reclose?2021-07-28T11:13:59+00:00

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