What is cardiac catheterization?


This is a procedure done on the heart. In it, a doctor inserts a thin plastic tube (catheter) (KATH'eh-ter) into an artery or vein in the arm or leg. From [...]

What is cardiac catheterization?2021-07-28T11:06:29+00:00

What Is Coronary Angioplasty?


Coronary angioplasty is a procedure that opens blocked arteries and allows blood to flow to your heart muscle. Angioplasty is not surgery. It opens a clogged coronary artery by inflating [...]

What Is Coronary Angioplasty?2021-07-28T11:07:14+00:00

What is a stent and how is one used?


A stent is a wire mesh tube used to prop open an artery that's recently been cleared using angioplasty. The stent is collapsed to a small diameter and put over [...]

What is a stent and how is one used?2021-07-28T11:07:41+00:00

When are stents used?


A stent may be used instead of -- or along with -- angioplasty. Stents are used depending on certain features of the artery blockage. This includes the size of the [...]

When are stents used?2021-07-28T11:08:15+00:00

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